🗝️ The Vault

A complete million-dollar map of on-demand Master Classes, resources, foundational skill development, and tools that will jumpstart your journey to becoming a million-dollar attorney AND the life you love!

The Making of a Million-Dollar Attorney™

🗝️ The Vault

A complete million-dollar map of on-demand Master Classes, resources, foundational skill development, and tools that will jumpstart your journey to becoming a million-dollar attorney.

You’ve already gone to law school.

Now, get the keys to turn your law firm into a powerhouse business -- so you can stop feeling overworked and underpaid, and start running a profitable practice that supports your dream life.

Enrollment in The Vault gets you instant access to

365 days of myriad on-demand Master Classes led by elite experts in the fields of business, branding, marketing, finance, sales, and more -- designed just for lawyers with their eye on the million-dollar revenue mark.





Wendy can teach you how to do business from the beginning, before you make assumptions and mistakes. We're generally not taught in law school how to run a business. It's like having two different jobs. One is practitioner and the other is business person. You cannot underestimate the importance. Now that we're enlightened through Wendy's program, we can easily identify these issues in colleagues' businesses.

Law school helped you become a great lawyer - but it did not prepare you to be a CEO or entrepreneur.

That’s probably why, no matter how brilliant or motivated you are

Sound like some of the challenges you and your firm are experiencing? 
Then roll up your sleeves and grab the keys


The Vault is a library of expert-led video Master Classes designed for self-starting lawyers ready to:

✔️ Level up the business side of your firm, and start feeling like a real CEO

✔️ Stop working 24/7, charge more, and create a firm that works for YOU.

✔️ And start making your million-dollar dreams a reality

With video trainings, worksheets, and more, each Master Class teaches you the foundational skills you need to:

  • Double your revenue by attracting new, higher-paying clients, and creating referral sources.
  • Hire the right team members (and fire non-ideal ones) to support you, so you can stop doing everything yourself, and focus on being a visionary.
  • Market yourself like a pro, and invest your time and energy into strategies that actually work -- instead of wasting resources “throwing stuff at the wall”. And beyond -- with more classes being added regularly.
  • Charge what you’re worth, command higher rates, and become a confident closer in sales conversations.
  • Take back control of your finances, track key data, and know which reports to review, how, and why they matter.

The best part?

Because these Master Classes are designed for busy lawyers like you, most lessons can be watched in an hour or less. We’ve streamlined everything so you can learn this weekend and implement on Monday.

All you have to do is watch, learn, and start applying the strategies to your firm while you watch the results unfold.

Let’s begin.

Using the tools that Wendy and her team developed, my revenue increased 44% in my first year.  Some programs tell you that you need to x or y. Wendy tells you how to do x, achieve y, and what z should look like. It boggles the mind on how she and her team have been able to develop such a comprehensive and robust program... that motivates members and provides clear directions for achieving often elusive goals.

Linda Fisher

Attorney, Boston

Linda Fisher

Attorney, Boston

Who will you learn from inside The Vault?

All teachers invited to create Master Classes for the vault are hand-selected by me as professionals I know, respect, and/or have worked with personally.


Wendy Witt, JD, Master Law Firm Business Strategist and Certified  Success Trainer

Wendy Witt, JD is the CEO of Million Dollar Attorney® through which she has created multiple million-dollar attorneys. She’s a trusts and estates attorney, ABA-published author, former national attorney organization senior executive, Certified Canfield Methodology Success Principles Trainer, and Master Law Firm Business Strategist who helps solo and small law firm owners to build million-dollar (and multi-million dollar) law firms that give them the life they love.

Sometimes dubbed “The Millionaire Mapmaker and Guide,” Wendy maps out and then guides solo and small firm attorneys along their customized path to the life they love with the law firm that will serve and support that life creating more income, time, freedom, impact, and joy than most attorneys only dream of. How would you like to have 15 to 20 hours back each week?

She is a summa cum laude graduate of Susquehanna University and a cum laude graduate of The Dickinson School of Law. Wendy is currently an LLM (Taxation, with Estate Planning emphasis) at Temple University School of Law.

Sybil Henry, The Style Concierge

Sybil Henry, the Style Concierge works with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and corporate groups using style as a strategy to accelerate business growth.

With a corporate background and experience working at Executive levels, Sybil has had the opportunity to be exposed to an entire world of style…literally. Through her travels around the world
, she’s observed and immersed myself into various cultures. This, along with training in Paris and Milan in the world of couture, has given her a refined eye for fit, quality of fabric, garment construction, cultural taste preferences, and value when it comes to style. 

Having worked in almost every corner of the fashion world, Sybil have a unique sense of awareness of both what people like and what works hand in hand with their body and their vision. Along with my hands-on experience in design, she carries a corporate perspective to be able to identify and empathize with the needs of her clients and the branding experience to create a client’s most powerful and authentic Signature Style.

Jessica Gonifas CPA, Business Growth and Profitability Advisor.

Jessica Gonifas is a business growth and profitability adviser for law and engineering firms in the $500k to $5 million range who want to take it to the next level. She is also a CPA, a numbers geek who loves helping firm owners leverage the information in the financial reports to produce better results for their business. The numbers tell a story, her job is to interpret that story, so firm owners can make more informed decisions, and more readily achieve their business AND quality of life goals.

Jessica's approach & philosophy are very different from traditional accounting firms. She helps owners make a significant difference in their income, ease of operations, and often increase the value of their business. 

Success in business is not a matter of luck or chance, but rather a result of clearly defining your goals, then creating and implementing a strategy to achieve those goals. 

Which Master Classes are inside The Vault right now?

Here’s a sneak peek at the courses you can get access to instantly when you enroll:

Designed to uplevel your monthly analysis, the 8 Magic Formulas Master Course shows you how to make strong, strategic decisions using the math and metrics of your law firm and life.

Topics include:

  • Formula 168:  How Lawyers Like You Create the Life They Want
  • The Cash is King Formula:  Know How Much Money You Need to Live the Life You Want
  • The Million Dollar Law Firm Formula:  The Map for Creating the Revenue You Want
  • The Law Firm Diagnosis Formula:  How to Know What to Tweak When
  • The PNC Show Formula:  How to Get More Butts in Seats
  • The Client Conversation Formula:  How to Get More PNCs to Say Yes to the Check
  • The Marketing Leads Formula:  Identify How Much Marketing You Need to Do to Get What You Want
  • The SKU You Formula: Always Know When and Whom to Hire

Universal principles used throughout time enhance our legal training to move us from where we are to where we want to be. A small tweak in perspective and practice empowers you to move from an ordinary life and law firm to the truly extraordinary - with more impact, more fun, and more dollars.
Topics Include:

  • How to Control Outcomes
  • The #1 Success Principle
  • Creating What You Want (and NOT What You Don’t Want)
  • Be Clear Why You’re Here
  • Increasing Joy

Topics include:

  • Build Your Brand Style Foundation
  • Know the Power of Branding
  • Secrets of Client Attraction
  • Build Your Brand Snapshot
  • Discover Your Brand Style
  • Develop Your Most Authentic Signature Style
  • Look Like Who You Are and What You Do
  • Create the Brand Style Closet of Your Dreams
  • Release So You Can Receive, a 5-Step Process
  • Accessorize Your Signature Style
  • Enjoy Your Signature Style in Action
  • Demystify Shopping

This workshop will show attorneys how to talk so clients will listen, and better yet, write a check. You will learn to speak directly to your ideal client with an easy-to-learn messaging system.  

Topics include:

  • Breaking through the cacophony of marketing messages to speak directly to the ideal client
  • Getting the easy-to-implement, proven messaging system to create effective marketing messages
  • Developing customized scripts to get potential clients to sign on the dotted line
  • Increasing your confidence in your marketing and sales delivery
  • Developing your third-party credibility guarantee
  • Attaining your breakthrough goal
  • Circumventing your own fear factor

When you review your monthly law firm financial reports, decision making transforms from a guessing game to powerfully strategic next steps. Those strong decisions propel you forward toward your goal of creating the law firm – and life – you want.

Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and attract more clients. The benefits are that you get more traffic to your website, increase your credibility and authority, and the national and local media may contact you for an interview. After all, you’re an expert - and - if you are quoted or the media interviews you, you can use their logo on your website. As seen in…

Topics include: 

  • The 7 Essential Elements: How to Write a News Story that Gets Picked Up
  • How to Get Your News Story Out to the Media
  • How to Creatively Inject Your Message
  • The Mechanics of Newsjacking

Learn how to take control of your Firm's financial future once and for all!

Topics include: 

  • The Basics of Reading Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Management & Forecasting
  • Budgetting
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Tax Considerations
  • Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention

How Does The Vault Work?


As soon as you enroll, you’ll get access to all available Master Classes inside our exclusive membership site.


Once you’ve secured your access, jump into Operation Best Life Design and the class that can help you with your biggest current challenge. Is that your finances? Sales skills? Client acquisition? Marketing? Team building? No matter what you’re most interested in, you can begin learning in minutes.


Watch the Master Class of your choosing, and start working through any steps inside your accompanying workbooks.


Apply what you’ve learned, and watch your law firm - and your confidence levels - transform in record time.

Who built The Vault? ☟

My name is Wendy Witt; Master Law Firm Business Strategist, the CEO behind Million Dollar Attorney®, and creator of The Vault.

I start practicing attorney in 1999, and for the last 14 years, I’ve helped thousands of attorneys just like you map out their path to becoming 7-figure CEOs of their law firms -- which means taking back control of their goals and finances, breaking the cycle of burnout, and prioritizing their lives and health right alongside their profit margins.

That’s why inside The Vault, I help lawyers who aren’t quite ready for my hands-on support learn the foundational principles and strategies that will help them build their revenue, hire the right help, market and sell better and break through to their next level. 


Now, I’d love to have you join us.

Should you invest in The Vault?

  • Create Your Best Life!
  • Make  $218,400 more each year just by delegating labor that’s resting on your shoulders.
  • Feel fearlessly confident around your pricing, charging what you’re worth, and how much you should make every month to reach your goals
  • Get back 15-20 hours per week, and create more free time for life outside the office (like vacations, quality family time, and so much more.)
  • Instantly close more (and better) clients, and rock a sales conversation that doesn’t feel pushy or inauthentic
  • Master your marketing, and learn how to translate your client’s words into effective messaging that sells
  • Become a better leader and decision-maker -- both in and out of the office. 
  • Build your dream team, and know when your employees are wasting time and money, and who you should hire (or let go) next
  • Network like a champion, and develop the skills that turn “Nice to meet you!” into partnerships and signed retainer checks. 
  • Dress and act like YOUR version of a million-dollar attorney
  • Map out your path to a million-dollar law firm
  • Understand which metrics to track and why, so you can clearly see a path from where you are now all the way to the million-dollar mark
  • Make smart investments in your firm that will propel you forward faster 

...feel like the successful CEO, visionary, and million-dollar attorney you were born to be!

You’ve been dreaming of going down this road for a long time. 

Shall we hit the gas together? 

Your journey to your best life awaits. 


  • Total Value of Master Courses Now in the Vault:  Value $20,979


Total Value $20,979


Your Investment
for 365 Days of Access? 



Click below to get started, and let’s start mapping your path to becoming a Million-Dollar Attorney.


The Vault FAQs

First off, I’ll be open with you: the investment level is night and day. 

It costs tens of thousands annually to work with me one-on-one, whereas The Vault is an amazing alternative to get you started on the path without jumping blind into that major investment.  

Think of The Vault as your all-access pass to the foundational basics you need to start your journey to the million-dollar mark (including all additional courses as they’re added!)

If you’re not ready to make this investment yet, you’re more than welcome to explore one of my other offers such as a Mastermind or my private luxury retreats.

You can make progress in as little as 20 minutes per week. 

And if you’re not sure where you’ll find the time, just do a quick trade-off: for example swap 20 minutes you might otherwise spend scrolling Instagram or watching a rerun of The Office for some rock-solid learning inside the platform. 

And, as the saying goes: if not now... when?

Everything in here is created FOR lawyers, specifically solo and small firm attorneys.

It’s built for you, so it’s all applicable - not just for where you are now, but where you’re going.

Everything inside The Vault is designed to save you time on your road to where you want to go -- which means it’s built to pay for itself quickly

At this price point, you can make back your investment with a single client (or triple your ROI with one awesome, high-paying client you absolutely love who finds you thanks to the marketing and sales tactics you learn inside The Vault.)


Your access to The Vault comes with a 7-day do the work guarantee. If you’ve completed all the work inside your courses and still haven’t seen progress, we’ll invite you to book in a Laser Coaching call to find out what may be going wrong. 

Then, if we see you’ve done the work, applied tweaks, and are still not seeing results? We’ll refund every penny of your investment.

The Vault: Money Back Guarantee

We know you want to feel secure in your investment -- which is why we offer a 7-day Money Back Guarantee.

If you’ve completed all the work for the courses inside The Vault and still haven’t seen progress, we’ll invite you to book a Laser Coaching Call to review your work, and find out what may be going wrong. 

Then, if we see you’ve done the work, applied tweaks, and are still not seeing results....


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