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Hello and Welcome!

I am more than thrilled that you're joining the Friday Focus Club. 

It's awesome and so good for both you and your law firm.

My goal is for you to feel supported, inspired, and motivated to create the law firm that gives you the life you love - and - I'll put this out there - I bet your idea of the life you love and your potential success level will expand immensely!!

It's amazing what happens when you're surrounded by others doing remarkable things. You become remarkable too! 

See Sales Page for Support Details, including Summer Session Hours.

 Fall Office Hours

11am ET - 4:30 ET, 2nd and 4th  Fridays of each month.

Office hours will not be held the weeks of Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year's Eve when we'll set aside our businesses for a bit to focus fully on those we love and all we've created and been gifted. 

Club Guidelines

Jotting down a few things here to be sure we have a meeting of the minds.

1. Be Kind. :) 

2. Stay Focused During Our Focus Fridays. Please Do Not Distract Yourself or Others.

3. Your Well-Being Comes First so When You Need a Break or a Slower Pace, Take It. xoxo

4. Keep All Focus Friday Communications Private so You and Your Fellow Members Feel Comfortable Being Authentic.

5. Pay on Time. Keep Space on Your Card so Your Payment Goes Through the First Time.

6. If You Have a Suggestion, Please Direct Your Thoughts to Me, the Human Being Who Has the Power to Give You What You Want. Complaining in the Group Will Bring Everyone Down and Thus is a Big No-No.

7. Enjoy the Process!! A Key to Happiness is to Decide to Be Happy Now. Happiness is Not for the Future. It is Now. 


Membership Term

This is a 6-month renewable membership. Free months do not count as part of your membership term months. 

If you'd like to take a different path after your 6 months, know I wish you all good things and I'm happy to point you in the right direction.

Please give me a heads up about 30 days or so before your 6 months is up so I have time to get someone else in your seat and process your transition out of the Club. 


How to Get Your Membership for Free

I would love for you to refer your colleagues to the Friday Focus Club.

My mission is to tilt the legal universe toward wellness and I need your help in making that happen. I'm so over our profession making us unhappy and sick!

We need to have fun, enjoy our days, protect a whole lot of people, and have time to just be.

Together, we can have BIG impact. 

For each college you refer who signs up, you'll receive a free month of membership.

This benefit is unlimited so you could participate in the Club for $0 if you refer that many peeps who register.

What's super cool is that your referral peeps can do the same. Your colleagues can also get a free membership month for each referral.

When your colleague puts your name in the referral box on the registration page, I'll freeze your payments for a month and give you a heads up that that's happening.


The lite Summer Session is FREE with membership, coworking sessions 2nd & 4th Fridays of the month from 11 am ET to 12:30 pm ET, and 2 full-day educational workshop intensives: How to Talk so Clients Will Listen and Hand You a Check (awesomesauce legal marketing) and Hiring/Outsourcing/Managing/Firing. All FREE. All included.

When you register, I will manually go in and freeze payments until September. 


That's it! Super simple. Super fun! Now, we rock 'n roll!

The best is yet to come!

~Enjoy the journey~


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Friday Focus Club

Join the Journey to Creating the Law Firm that Will Give You the Life You Love!! 

What you'll get:

  • Guided CEO Focus Days Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month to Move You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
  • Free Monthly Access for Every Referral You Send Over so You Can Participate for FREE and We Can Empower More Attorneys to Live the Life They Love
  • Workshopping Format so You Implement and Benefit as Soon as You Learn and Don't Add More to Your To-Do List
  • Coworking Space for Gentle Accountability and Comraderie so You Get 'er Done
  • Space and Time Paired with Solid Information, Short Cut Tools, Aha Insights, Expert Guidance, Continuous Development, Ongoing Support, Loving Camaraderie, and the Answers You Need to Create Your Dream Law Firm That Will Give You the Life You Love
  • Work Directly with Wendy Witt, Master Law Firm Business Strategist (no delegation to less qualified subordinates)
  • Create What You Want in the Way You Want (no company set destination or process)

~All Designed So You Enjoy the Journey~


We'll launch the full Club experience in September when the kids are back to school and we've all had space to vacation and enjoy. 

In the meantime, you pay NOTHING when you join. Payments will be pulled in September and so on. 

FREE Summer Session includes Co-Working sessions every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month to provide accountability, camaraderie, and time & space to work ON your law firm. 

In addition, all summer you'll enjoy access to the FB community and the educational workshop intensives. Vote for the topic you need most in the FB group! 

What People Are Saying:

“I reached out to Wendy one year ago when my startup law firm was struggling to get its bearings straight. She helped address my core problems right away and get my practice on the path to success. As the months went on I saw the benefit not only to my revenue but also my confidence. The internet had plenty of tips and strategies for starting a firm. But a major value she provides is helping apply proven techniques for my situation. Each month she refines my strategy and outlines the next steps needed to accomplish my long-term goal. It feels like following a highly refined template for building a successful firm. I highly recommend Wendy to any attorney who wants to build a law firm so they can live their ideal life.”

Mike Daiello, Attorney

“I am so lucky I found Wendy. She is helping me transform my law practice. They do not teach you how to run a business in law school. Even if you are a fantastic lawyer, it doesn't mean anything unless you have the steady, reliable guide of sound advice to help guide you through this process. Wendy is just that. I have gained confidence and am excited about my law practice again. Thank you, Wendy!”

Melissa Hart, Attorney

“I don’t often encounter people with similar sensitivity and methodology. I take delight in sharing that I would have to make great effort to find points of disagreement between us. If you want to grow your practice and improve your quality of life at the same time, you should work with Wendy.”

Ellen Freedman, LPM PBA

“I’ve had an opportunity to work with Wendy Witt. She’s the real deal and a wonderful combination of high intellectual knowledge plus empathy for fellow attorneys. In today’s world of fast changes in the legal industry that add to the demands placed on attorneys to perform at the highest levels, sometimes the impact can be overwhelming. Wendy is the perfect person to not only help you relieve the stress but also to help you thrive.”

Rick Petry, Attorney