$997.00 USD

3 monthly payments

Hi There!!

I'm so glad we're going to be working together to launch your law firm successfully and set you up for a lifetime of success. 

Let's make this experience awesome for everyone :) 

-keep your promises including the promise to pay 

-show up and implement because that's how it works

-be kind to me and everyone in the group even if we make a mistake

-move through fear and don't give up

-understand I'm not providing legal, medical, or tax advice

-refrain from sharing my IP with anyone

-keep all communications private

-take 100% responsibility for the words you say (including tone), the actions you take (or don't take), and images you hold in your mind

Make sense?

Coolio :)

Let's make good things happen!


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Law Firm Launch Group Program (Estate Planning)

Launch your law firm successfully and set yourself up for success!

What you'll get:

  • Insights and Strategies to Streamline Success and Cut Off 3 Years of Fumbles
  • Office Hours to Get Your Questions Answered so You Always Know What To Do Next 
  • Co-Working Sessions for Soft Accountability, Focus, and Comaraderie
  • Strong Foundation to go to 7-Figures and a Month Off for the Big Picture
  • Life Design so You Own Your Law Firm and it Doesn't Own You
  • Design Firm so Has Value to Sell Someday
  • Your Own Roadmap: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan
  • Templates, Scripts, Checklists for Shortcuts
  • Metric Tracking, KPI Dashboarding so You Make Strong Decisions Based on Numbers, not Guessing
  • Mindset Development for Opportunity Identification and More Joy

This is a collegial, loving, supportive community focused on growth, collaboration, community, kindness, and learning focused on shaving 3 years off of your learning curve and helping you create the law firm that gives you the life you love.

Estate Planning Attorneys: This program is for you if you are anywhere in the launch process or have launched but revenues are under $250k. 

The investment for entry is set as low as possible and 3-month access is equivalent to the fee typically charged for 1/2 of 1 estate plan in exchange for 3 months of support and I'll show you how to at least 10x your investment. 

PayPal often offers 6 months same as cash!!!

What People Are Saying:

“I’ve had an opportunity to work with Wendy. She’s the real deal and a wonderful combination of high intellectual knowledge plus empathy. In today’s world of fast changes, sometimes the impact can be overwhelming. Wendy is the perfect person to not only help you relieve the stress but also to help you thrive. ”

Rick P.

“Wendy is an incredible motivator and teacher. I have learned a lot from her efforts and program implementations. She not only teaches but then sticks with you to make sure you accomplish the goals you set and if you don't have those goals, she will work with you to set them. ”

Alan M.

“Wendy Witt is one of the best in the business. As a trainer, she is generous with her knowledge and constructively critical in her praise. As my mentor coach, she taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart whenever my head got in the way. My work with Wendy opened up new resonances in communicative skills and has changed the way that I work and interact with others. ”

Elizabeth S.

“She was a wonderful speaker and clearly explained valuable information. If you have a chance to hear Wendy speak or better yet, to work with her, I recommend her. ”

Martha G.