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Based at the Happen House, “Where Lawyers Come to Make it Happen,” in the beautiful city of three rivers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Seating is limited to an intimate
group of attorneys.


Law Firm Money and Metrics Mastery

July 18th (6pm) - July 20th

Get the expert guidance, insights, and tools you need to map out the financial metrics and milestones that will take your law firm past the (multi) million-dollar mark -- & save you hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars, hours, and headaches.

With special guest, law firm financial analyst, Jessica Gonifas, CPA


Read on to learn all the details, or save your seat below.



Using the tools that Wendy developed, my revenue increased 44% in my first year. Some programs tell you that you need to x or y. Wendy tells you how to do x, achieve y, and what z should look like. It boggles the mind on how she and her team have been able to develop such a comprehensive and robust program... that motivates members and provides clear directions for achieving often elusive goals.

Linda Fisher

Attorney, Boston

Linda Fisher

Attorney, Boston





  • Taking a long weekend away from the office to focus just on yourself, the business of your law firm, and your journey to success.


  • Learning from elite industry experts inside hands-on workshops designed to help you make huge strides toward your goals in hours -- instead of weeks, months, years, or never.


  • Spending 2.5 days cradled in the lap of luxury, enjoying first-class hotel accommodations, healthy foods made by a private chef, and gentle yoga and relaxing meditation between workshops.


  • Connecting with like-minded attorneys on the same journey you are; ready to think, learn, and act like million-dollar law attorneys and CEOs.

What could you achieve with this kind of time, attention, and focus on your law firm?

What could you finally have time to learn?
What problems would you finally have time to solve?
And what million-dollar strategies would you finally be able to put in place?


I want to help you find out -- at the next luxury retreat:

The Making of a Million-Dollar Attorney™: Law Firm Money and Metrics Mastery


Very few of us went to law school because numbers were “our thing”...

… And it’s probably wreaking havoc on your law practice.

Every day, I see lawyers losing $500,000+ annually, by:


Making decisions based on instincts and “feelings” - instead of hard numbers.
(And losing money as a result.)
Doing their own accounting and administrative work in order to “save money” - when a lack of support is actually costing them.
Overpaying in taxes, or only reviewing profit/loss statements yearly, because their financial back-end isn’t set up properly.
Wasting money on marketing, SEO, and sales strategies that haven’t panned out, because they’re inappropriate for them yet there’s no system to track effectiveness.
Being too slow to hire new team members, or hiring the wrong position because they’re not sure where their gaps are.
Lacking clarity around what’s working and what’s not - and where to invest, or reduce spending.
Not fully knowing which reports they should be looking at to understand the financial health of their firm, or whether they’re turning a profit.
Having 0 game plan around their financial goals, because they simply don’t have a grasp of their numbers, and aren’t sure where to start.




Then I’ve got good news:

You can change all of that -- and set your firm up to earn over a million in revenue with a few key strategies.

I’ll show you the road to get there.

I’m Wendy Witt; Master Law Firm Business Strategist and Attorney Success Coach, the CEO behind Million Dollar Attorney®, and your luxury retreat host, mapmaker, and guide.

For the last decade, I’ve helped attorneys just like you map out their path to becoming 7-figure CEOs of their law firms -- which means taking back control of their goals and finances, breaking the cycle of burnout, and prioritizing their lives and health right alongside their profit margins.

A few times a year at the Happen House, I welcome lawyers into the lap of luxury for 2.5 days of expert workshops, gentle yoga and meditation, and chef-prepared meals to make huge strides on their goals, and put themselves on the path to the million dollar mark.


I’m Wendy Witt; Master Law Firm Business Strategist and Attorney Success Coach, the CEO behind Million Dollar Attorney®. I'll be your luxury retreat host, mapmaker, and guide.

For the last decade, I’ve helped attorneys just like you map out their path to becoming 7-figure CEOs of their law firms -- which means taking back control of their goals and finances, breaking the cycle of burnout, and prioritizing their lives and health right alongside their profit margins.

Occasionally, at the Happen House, I welcome lawyers into the lap of luxury for 2.5 days of life-changing expert workshops, guided wellness, and chef-prepared meals to make huge strides on their goals, and put themselves on the path to the million-dollar mark.


This July, I’m combining forces with CPA and law firm analyst Jessica Gonifas to equip you with everything you need to:


Finally understand the numbers side of your law firm,
and think strategically how you’re earning and investing.

Get clear about your cash flow;
where you’re losing money, and where you could be making more.

Run your financials like a well-oiled
, with clear-cut goals, KPIs, and ROI metrics.

And map out your game plan to
reach a million or multi-million dollars
in revenue -- and keep growing.


The difference between stagnation, and hitting the million-dollar+ mark
is in the numbers.


I was stuck. I needed to have the encouragement and knowledge to take my law firm to the next level. Wendy helped me make changes in ways that caused a great attitude adjustment (never so excited to work!) and a significant increase in my revenue. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The cost for Wendy's sound advice and steady hand more than paid for itself. Do not hesitate to engage her - make today the day!

Over the 2.5 days of workshops, luxury, and wellness at the gorgeous Happen House, we’ll explore:


  • How to think about your financials like a CEO,
    and make choices based on stats and facts
  • Mathematical formulas - that show you how to use your KPIs, SKUs, and more.
  • Exactly which numbers you need to hit
    to reach a million in revenue and how to get there
  • Ways to stop wasting cash,
    and start investing in yourself like a millionaire
  • How to test the ROI of your team members, marketing efforts, and more.
  • A clear scope of the 6 financial reports you must keep track of to reach your goals
  • Tactics for becoming more strategic with your money, instead of simply “bringing it in.”
  • The specific steps that will take you from “overwhelmed” too earning 7-figures

Be treated like…
And invest like…

… A million-dollar attorney.

An experienced and successful attorney herself, Wendy Witt is uniquely qualified and passionate about showing fellow attorneys how to create and build their ideal law firms.  Rather than offering a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all formula, she focuses on what lifestyle you want and then shows you how to create and build your law firm around that desired lifestyle. She'll show you how to draw in clients that you really want to have and that you'll love working with.  It's never too late to develop the practice you love, and working with Wendy can change your practice for the better. I highly recommend her.

Are you ready to create your Million Dollar Money Map?

This opportunity is open to an intimate group of 10 attorneys only.





Meet your retreat guest expert, Jessica Gonifas, CPA/Law Firm Financial Analyst

Jessica Gonifas, CPA, is leading several Making of a Million-Dollar Attorney™ workshops during our July luxury retreat, and is the founder of Silver Peaks Accounting Services LLC, an accounting and advisory firm the helps law firm owners manage and grow their firms.

Before devoting her work fulltime to Silver Peaks Accounting, Jessica most recently served in a leadership role as Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer for the City of Evans. This experience allows her to use the knowledge and expertise gained in a multimillion dollar organization to help her small business clients increase efficiency, implement strategic plans, and reach their business goals.

How will the retreat unfold exactly?

Here’s a sneak peek of the schedule.
(We may likely make a few switcheros as to timing of each working session based on retreat attendees’ needs; rest assured we’ll cover all of these topics.)

A private car will be waiting for you at the Pittsburgh International Airport to drive you to your luxury accommodations at the Omni William Penn.

There will also be a charming meet and greet fete, where you’ll have the chance to meet your fellow retreat attendees and enjoy a surprise induction into Pittsburgh culture. Be ready to rumble by 6 pm.

A car will transport you from the hotel to the Happen House first thing in the morning, where you’ll be greeted with mimosas featuring freshly squeezed orange juice and a delicious chef-prepared breakfast.

⚜️Morning Wellness Activity: Led by Lawyer-Owned Green Heiress Holistic Health Professional.

Healthy lawyers are successful lawyers. We start the day by taking care of you. Wear comfortable clothes.

⚜️Workshop 1: The #1 Success Formula and 5 Action Steps Required to Create Your Million-Dollar Law Firm

Want a shortcut to success? Here you go! Here’s when you’ll learn what the greats have known since the late 1800s. This session will best ensure everything you learn during your luxury retreat propels you, your law firm, and your life forward.

⚜️Workshop 2: Reading your financial statements 101:

Wonder why your accountant keeps sending you that thing called a Balance Sheet? Frustrated because your profit and loss statement doesn’t show as much revenue as you thought you billed? Do you only  look at your financial statements once a year at tax time?

This session will walk you through the basics of financial statements and what you need to know and pay attention to as a small firm owner in plain English…no accounting lingo allowed! 

⚜️Workshop 3: Cash Flow Management and Forecasting:

Cash is king, and cash flow issues often keep firm owners up at night. Even if you feel you’re in the black, creating a cash flow forecast can show you where troubles may be in the future, and serve as a model to evaluate the viability of various business decisions like investing in capital or offering a new service in your firm.

This session will walk you through the important factors to look for if you are having cash flow issues. We will also get hands on and create a cash flow forecast for your firm. 

⚜️Workshop 4: Advisory/CFO Services Overview:

Do you have a financial warrior on your team? Have you been waiting for someone to come along and say they can help? Advisory/CFO services help business owners leverage the information in the financial reports to produce better results for their business, and more readily achieve their business AND quality of life goals.

This session will lead you through the process advisory services use to help law firms just like yours.

🍱Lunch: A delectable gourmet, meal crafted by our Happen House chef.

⚜️Workshop 5: Advisory/CFO Reporting:

More the creative type than numbers type? Do you prefer graphs and charts over tables and spreadsheets?

Then you’ll love this session where we give you a taste of the advisory/CFO financial reports and how they are used to produce better results for the law firms.

⚜️Workshop 6: Key Performance Indicators and Internal Controls

Key Performance Indicators: Also known as KPIs, these little gems help you keep a close eye on the performance of your firm at a glance. They are used as evaluation and planning tools.

This session will cover the most important financial KPIs for your firm and lead you through the process of calculating your own. Comparison to industry benchmarks will also be included.

Internal controls: The typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). ACFE also reports that private companies have a median loss of $200,000 which is more than public companies. Finally, small organizations with fewer than 100 employees continue to be the most common victims. You SHOULD be worried about fraud in your firm.

This session will cover internal controls that can be implemented to reduce your risk.

⚜️Workshop 7: Budgeting

Uh oh, here we go, the "B word": BUDGET! Here’s why: if you don't set goals and benchmarks, it’s like the saying "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail". Your budget should be flexible enough to let you adapt to changing business conditions but also an accountability tool that helps you remember your financial goals, and think twice about spending outside of the plan.

This session will use best practices to create a clear, easy-to-follow budget for your firm.

🍱Dinner: Once again, you’ll be treated to a delicious meal fit for a million-dollar attorney with signature cocktails.

⚜️Workshop 8: Million Dollar Mindset Development

A million-dollar law firm is created 80% by mindset and 20% strategic action. Here’s when we’ll focus your mindset to make big things happen.

Once we’ve stuffed all we can into your mind and heart for the day, the car service will escort you back to the William Penn where you can relax. You’ll be in your jammies at around 9:30 pm.

Once again, a car will arrive for you at the hotel to transport you to the Happen House. Another scrumptious, healthy breakfast and signature cocktail awaits you on your second day!

⚜️Morning Wellness Activity: Led by Lawyer-Owned Green Heiress Holistic Health Professional.

Healthy lawyers are successful lawyers. We start the day by taking care of you. Wear comfortable clothes.

⚜️All Day Workshop: How to Quantum Leap Your Success by the Numbers

We’ll use the best relevant stats in your financial reports to propel your thinking, actions, and results forward -- and you’ll never look at your life or law firm the same again.

No more guessing. You’ll map out exactly what needs to happen when to make your million-dollar (or multi-million dollar) firm and the life you love happen.



> Your Individualized Road Map for Creating the Revenue You Want

> The Law Firm Diagnosis Formula so You Know What to Maintain and What to Tweak, When

> The Marketing Leads Formula: Know What Your Marketing System Must Provide to Meet Your Revenue and Profit Goals

> The SKU Formula: Processes, Systems, Measuring Productivity, and Hiring


🍱Lunch:  Enjoy more wonderful dishes by our chef as you reflect on and celebrate all the milestones you’ve reached so far!.


⚜️Evening activity: Come as You Will Be Party

Celebrate all you’ve accomplished under the stars at our “come as you will be” party, where you’ll sip cocktails and enjoy gourmet bites dressed, acting, and speaking as the person you will be in five years.

🍱Dinner:  Rest assured, you’ll be treated to a delicious meal fit for a million-dollar attorney with signature cocktails.  

Top Secret Pittsburgh Must Do Activity - Hold On to Your Hats!

The car service will transport us to a top-secret location for a Pittsburgh “must-do” activity. When you reach the’ll be inducted both as an honorary Pittsburgher and into the “I’m Making it Happen” Million-Dollar Attorney Club!

What can you expect to ride away with?

  • A clear, personalized roadmap to get your firm to the million-dollar or multi-million dollar mark
  • Rock-solid knowledge around which reports to track, and what to do when to reach your financial goals, and make your money work for you.
  • The incredible feeling of spending an amazing weekend masterminding with colleagues, and accomplishing big things.
  • Confidence, momentum, and clarity that comes from knowing you can really reach your goals.
  • A full scope of understanding around where you are now financially, and what will get you past the million-dollar revenue point.
  • New connections with fantastic fellow attorneys on the same path, who can cheer you on and support you long after the weekend ends.

Long Term Results:

  • Hitting a million dollars or more in revenue, faster than you thought possible.
  • Knowing exactly how to make strategic financial decisions and investments with confidence.
  • Increasing your profit margins and cutting down on cash flow waste by making smarter hires.
  • Getting more time back in your day, to actually enjoy being a million-dollar attorney.
  • Cutting through the noise, the doubt, and the fear around finances permanently, to see a direct path to all future goals.
  • Seeing clearly that you’re not alone - and you’re in the driver’s seat of your success.

… And so much more.

It’s time to step into the next level of your law practice, earning power, and life.


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Retreat FAQs

I understand it might feel uncomfortable, but you should know this: if you’re looking to reach a new revenue goal in your business, you simply can’t get there with exactly the same strategies and thought patterns that got you where you are today. In order to reach a level you can’t reach on your own, you need guidance.

That’s why my goal isn’t just to give you the tools you need to make a million dollars in your law firm -- my goal is to teach you the skills that will make you a more effective CEO, leader, and visionary for your firm (and life) for the long haul.

That means if you apply what you learn to your law firm, your investment could turn into $500k+ in additional earnings quickly.

So the only question is: how much is that kind of ROI worth to you?

Aside from the fact that Pittsburgh is where I live and raise my children, it’s also simply an incredible city worth the visit.

It’s been hailed by Bon Appetit Magazine as the next great food town (sorry, Austin, New York, and San Francisco!), and constantly tops the list of America’s greatest towns for art, music, nightlife, creativity, food, technology, health care, and adventure.

But don’t take my word for it. Your hotel will place your right in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, where you can explore all the magic for yourself. I recommend all attendees take a few additional days to check out all the city has to offer.

As CEO of your firm, you deserve to invest money and time into leveling up your business.

And it will amaze you how much you can get done in 2.5 totally distraction-free days, with no fires to put out, no busy home life, no errands… just you, top tier experts and coaches, myself, and a crew of like-minded lawyers sharing the journey with you.

It probably blows your mind how much you can get done with an unexpected free afternoon at the office. Just imagine what would happen if you took a whole weekend…?

I guarantee you’ll get the law firm business strategy, financial analysis, and insights you need to create a million-dollar (or multi-million dollar) law firm. While you will be provided with a clear financial roadmap that will get you to the million-dollar revenue point and beyond, you need to own implementation. You are the only one who can make it happen.

I can also guarantee that you’ll get the tried and true, proven steps to get there - because they’re the same steps I’ve used for the past 10 years with my 1-1 clients clients, and I’ve seen them get incredible results time and time again. Just in the last few weeks, clients have told me, “My life is night and day since I started working with you” and “My caseload has doubled since working with you.” I commonly hear the simple “This is great” and “You’ve changed my life.”

We’ll send you a detailed travel package within a few days after you register, but here’s the overview:

You’ll fly into Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and we’ll take it from there.

(Yep, it’s that simple!)

Be sure to be ready to rumble at The Omni William Penn by 5pm on Thursday, July 18th, but be forewarned: our top-secret (hilariously fun) Pittsburgh induction activity doesn’t allow for late arrivals. We’ll wrap up late Saturday night, July 20th. 

Your mastery luxury retreat investment covers:

⚜️Car service to and from the airport and to and from The Happen House

⚜️Luxury hotel accommodations for all 3 nights

⚜️7 chef-prepared meals

⚜️Unlimited signature cocktails and snacks

⚜️All activities, workbooks, and materials

⚜️Full tuition

Now I just need to know...


  • Take back control of your firm’s financial future, and put yourself on the path to 7-figures?


  • Feel confident with your numbers, know exactly what to look at when, and why?


  • Stop wasting money on team members or investments you simply don’t need?


  • Map out a clear game plan for hitting a million dollars+ in revenue?


Thought you might be.



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