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(Exclusive support for law firms making $500k+ in revenue)

The Making of a Million-Dollar Attorney™ Private Consulting

Mapping out your strategy to hit the million-dollar (or multi-million dollar) mark, get 15 to 20 hours a week -- and your life -- back, and make huge things happen for your firm.


You should never be just “along for the ride” in your life or law firm.

It’s time to get behind the wheel, hit the gas to hit your goals, and enjoy your freedom again -- all while putting yourself on the road to that law firm that will give you the life you love.

If you’re ready for the hands-on strategic guidance and support you need to take your law firm and life to the next level, you’re exactly where you need to be click below. 



Wendy has made a huge impact on my business. In just a little over six months working with her, I have more than doubled my firm's revenue and increased my staff from 1 to 2 associates, plus a paralegal, with a third associate and an administrative assistant on the horizon. In addition to helping me grow revenue, Wendy has helped me to change my mindset about how I spend my time. I am working less and spending more time with my family. I have come to think of Wendy as part of the management team - a trusted advisor and sounding board for any idea or concern, no matter how large or small. She has a strong talent for getting to the heart of the issue, asking probing questions, and offering great insights. If you are looking for someone who can help you take your practice to the next level, don't hesitate to give Wendy a call.

After 15 years of practicing law and 12 years guiding over 8,000 attorneys, I know what it’s like to suddenly realize:

  • You’re working far too many hours, and even taking calls and lugging your laptop with you on every (rare) vacation.
  • You’re struggling to delegate internally, and feel as though if you’re not there, nothing gets done right.
  • You’re so busy putting out client and employee fires, you have 0 time to think and act like a strategic CEO.
  • You either don't have a team or your team isn’t set up to succeed, because they’re either spread too thin, or aren’t a fit for your goals.
  • You’ve hit an earnings plateau that you can’t seem to break through, year after year.

And most importantly... 

You want to live the life you've been dreaming of. 

--- That’s exactly how this program is designed ---

There’s just one catch:

We’re going to think bigger than “just” your law firm.

  • We’ll explore the life you want to live, and design business strategies that support it.
  • We’ll transform your mindset so you develop the courage and confidence to take huge leaps.
  • We’ll dive into your values and vision, & the impact you want to make as a leader and authority.
  • We’ll assess your current health and wellness strategies to help you perform at your best.
  • And we’ll put you on a path to next-level success that’s sustainable and expansive.

Let’s begin.

If you want to grow your practice and improve your quality of life at the same time, you should work with Wendy.

How the Friday Focus Club Works

The Friday Focus Club is a unique mastermind for the owners of solo and small law firms, pairing time and space with inspiration, business strategy, universal success principles, and mindset development in a workshop environment.

Spend 2 Fridays a month in the Club, so when you close your laptop for the night, you're done and ready for a weekend of fun - no guilt! 

Unlike other programs, you've actually learned and implemented immediately instead of making a long to-do list that hangs over your head. If questions arise during implementation time, they are answered immediately.

Guided workshop masterminds are held every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 11 am ET to 4:30 pm ET.

If you have questions or need support outside of office hours, you have a community of colleagues ready to cheer you on, provide feedback, and talk it through. I hop in there as well. 


The Friday Focus Club includes:


TWO Guided CEO Focus Days each month to move YOUR business forward

Each Focus Day includes coworking session, mindset development, business strategy workshopping, book club, and Q&A


TWO FREE Days each month

As you focus on the business of your firm and the life you love, you'll move forward much more rapidly, freeing up the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month for fun 


Gentle Accountability

So you get projects done instead of just feeling guilty about them



Co-working | Masterminding Space

So you don't feel alone on your journey and you stay focused


Business Strategy Workshopping

So you make smart, strategic decisions for your firm and eliminate expensive mistakes and headaches


Cutting Edge Mindset Development

So you see opportunities previously hidden, stop letting fear and overwhelm hold you back, make smart decisions, and feel sooo much happier and confident


Intimate Conversations with Guest Presenters

Who share perspectives way beyond the legal echo chamber so you move toward your goals in the creative way that's right for you, not just copying what others are doing


Full-Day Intensive Workshops

Focused on topics such as developing your business plan; hiring, managing, and firing; money mindset; marketing; sales; and the topics you need most


Your Investment in Your Wild Success: 

Your Decision to Join the Club

Your Commitment to Your Success and Joy

Your Willingness to Learn and Apply New Things

1 - 11 Focus Hours per Month Working ON Your Firm

(You Choose Your Time Investment Each Month)

$350/month (waivable) 


  Sample Schedule

1. Celebrate Wins and Masterminding

2. Co-Working Space

3. Business Strategy Workshopping

4. Universal Success Principles Workshopping 

5. Mindset Development 

 (When we're workshopping, we're getting 'er done, not just adding something to your to-do list.)



Here’s a sneak peek at the big picture topics for your journey's

Road Map


Together, we’ll dive into exactly where you are now. 

  • What are your greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses? 
  • What are the current systems and strategies in place in your business?
  • How are you usually spending your days?
  • What’s working, and what could be working better?
  • Where’s your happiness level

  • Where are you financially?

Goal Setting

Once we’re clear on where you are today, we’ll formulate clear, achievable goals for both in and out of the office. 

This is where you’ll get clear on the future you really want for yourself and your million-dollar law firm.

  • What do you want your law firm to stand for?
  • Do you, as its leader, want to speak, teach, lead conferences, or write a book?
  • Do you want a crack team who can run the office like a well-oiled machine while you take month-long vacations? 
  • Do you want to live in Florida during the winter months, or the Caribbean year-round (both things my clients have done)?

Business + Marketing Strategy

Once we’re clear on what you want, we’ll set you up with a rock-solid set of strategies to make it happen. 

A few of the things we’ll design together include: 

  • Your business plan
  • Your marketing plan
  • Your sales plan
  • Your KPI/metric tracking
  • Your finances and financial reports
  • Your team, systems, and processes

And more...

Mindset + Success Principles

Radical truth: even with the best strategic set-up in the world, you simply can’t cross the million-dollar mark with the same attitude and mindset keeping you stuck where you are.

You need to transform not just your strategy, but the very way you think and approach risk. 

That’s why at this stage, we’ll dive deep into: 

  • Living proven success principles
  • Overcoming terror barriers
  • Mastering your fear factor
  • Developing your unique brand of leadership
  • Understanding investments vs. expenses

Tweaking + Refining Strategy

Once your systems and strategies are in place, we’ll assess them closely to make sure they’re bringing you closer to your income and happiness goals.

Monthly, we’ll track your sales, client metrics, and KPIs, assess how you’re spending your time, and check in on team performance.

By breaking your progress towards your goals down into clear numbers, we’ll make sure you get (and stay) on the right path, and re-evaluate and adjust when you’re not.

Then, when you achieve your goals and have momentum behind you?  We’ll map out the next level together.

Ready to start your journey? 


$350/month (waivable when you refer colleagues)



$1,152,869 is the final. Thanks for getting us there.

The Friday Focus Club FAQs

Hey There!

This is Wendy. I'm excited to get to know you.

I LOVE working with lawyers and helping them create better lives through building stronger, customized law firms.

I do this because it's super fun for me and because this is my way of tilting the legal universe toward wellness. 

I'm a mom of 3 grown children: 2 writers and 1 Marine. Ooorah! 

My hubby and I live in the burbs of the city of Three Rivers. Can you guess which city that is?!

Another important thing to know about me is that my business model is set up so that you get me. You do not get a less qualified or not qualified subordinate. 

Here's the professional bio. Feel free to take a gander.

Master Law Firm Business Strategist and Attorney, Wendy Witt guides the owners of solo and small law firms to create the wildly successful law firm that gives them the life they love. 

While big money serves as an attainable popular target, the true measuring stick is happiness and health both along the path and when attorneys reach their ultimate goals. 

Wendy is a co-author of the book Life Lessons in Success and her guidance has been seen on ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, Forbes, ABA, Huffington Post as well as the Experts Institute, WealthCounsel, InterActive Legal, Solo Practice University,, myriad bar associations and attorney publications including the ABA.

Wendy’s Friday Focus Club is carefully designed both in content, design, and investment structure to include the owners of solo and small law firms at every revenue level, even those recently launched, and lead them to their success. Law students are invited to participate in this program and others tuition-free.


Wendy guides lawyers on their journey to create the law firm that gives them the lives they love.


She is a 1991 cum laude graduate of The Dickinson School of Law and a 1988 summa cum laude graduate of Susquehanna University. She regularly writes and teaches for attorney organizations and has served as a senior executive in charge of practice development for 4,500 attorneys. 

She has helped more than 8,000 attorneys on their journey. And, yes, she's guided the creation of million-dollar law firms. 

The only way I can have a significant impact in tilting the legal universe toward wellness (and away from all the crappola that makes us so stressed we get sick) is to help a huge gaggle of lawyers build the law firms that give them the life they love.

Others can help in their ways, this is how I can help. 

To that end, I need as many people as possible in the Friday Focus Club.

My 1:1 consulting is awesome for that attorney, and while my impact on the life of that one attorney is massive, the impact on the profession overall is tiny.

Thus, I need your help. For every attorney you refer to the Friday Focus Club (and who lists your name on their registration form), I'll waive 1 month of your tuition. This means that you could have 1 free month or 12+ months free!

Please allow me to thank you right now. Thank you for being part of my mission and thank you for allowing me to join your journey.




The Friday Focus Club is a unique mastermind for the owners of solo and small law firms, providing space and time paired with inspiration, business strategy, mindset development, and Q&A in a workshop environment.

When you close your laptop for the night, you don't have 12 or 112 things to add to your calendar. You are done and ready for a weekend of fun - not guilt! 

Unlike other programs, you've actually learned AND implemented immediately instead of making a long to-do list that hangs over your head. If questions arise during implementation time, they are answered immediately.

Guided sessions are held every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 11 am ET to 4:30 pm ET. You choose when you participate.

If you have questions or need support outside of office hours, you have a community of colleagues ready to cheer you on, provide feedback, and talk it through. I hop in there as well.

My business model is designed for top-level service; unlike many coaching programs, I do not delegate to less qualified or not qualified subordinates. 

Besides with tuition set at a rock bottom $350/month - just 1 average billable hour - how can you possibly go wrong?

If you want to do tasks assigned by another coach during our morning co-working space, you're free to do so. We'll help you make whatever you want to create happen. 

Your life and bottom line will be better for it. And, maybe you're my next million-dollar firm! 

I remember signing a contract to invest $347 in my business monthly for a year. This was the very first coaching program I ever participated in.

It was 2012 and I was sooooo scared, so if you're at the beginning of your journey and $350 feels like a lot, I totally get it. 

The awesome news is that when you join the Club, $350 will no longer feel like a lot of money very quickly because you'll be making more money and expanding your perspective! 

I choose $350 because it's the equivalent of just 1 billable hour on average. You give me 1 hour and I'll give you 11 hours. That's a deal!

AND, keep in mind, you can participate FREE when you refer your colleagues and they register. 



You're right!

The Friday Focus Club is super inexpensive in standalone consideration, but compared to working with me 1:1 it's crazy cheap.

Here's why. This is a group program so I'm working with everyone at the same time. That helps. But, there's more. 

$350 (waivable) is still super cheap for 11 hours of facetime a month plus community time. Other programs with similar fees have very little facetime. 

This is because - and there are two reasons -

1. First, those who join the Club will see how effective and fun I am to work with so they will invest in higher-level services with me.

The 1:1 VIP Boost or ongoing private consulting are examples in higher-level programs.

These are the programs where, historically, I've taken firms over the million-dollar threshold. Some go much higher. 

And, then, there's #2. Secondly, and this is the BIG one, it is my dream to have a signficant impact on the wellness of the legal profession.

My mission is to tilt the legal universe toward wellness. 

While I can have an amazing and incredibly rewarding impact working 1:1, that's not enough to tilt the entire legal universe. 

This is why I founded the Friday Focus Club, why it's priced crazy low, and why I give a free month for every referral you make (where the referee joins the Club). 

It's also why I give law students and law graduates before they pass the bar, free access.

PLEASE join me in transforming the mission of a healthier, happier profession from my vision to reality.

All it takes to help me is joining the journey by joining the club yourself and then referring others to join the journey and club as well. 

Many thanks,



The Friday Focus Club meets every second and fourth Friday of the month from 11 am ET until 4:30 pm ET. 

I'd love for you to spend those hours with the Club, but you get to choose what you participate in and what you let go of for now. 

This is 11 hours (out of 706 hours) per month which may feel like a lot if you're spending all of your time working IN the firm as a lawyer. 

How many hours do you think you should spend focused ON your business?

If you're not in the Club, you'll likely spend way too few hours focused on the health and growth of the firm and your dreams. 

Unfortunately, this means your firm's growth and your well-being are severely limited to dealing with whatever's on fire. 

Invest your 2nd and 4th Fridays with the Club and you'll soon be making so much progress that you'll be able to take the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month as FREE days.

It's fun and it's true!


Absolutely -- because one of the most important things we will do together is to create more time - as your life adjusts and you feel more space, you will feel happier. 

There are so many things you don't need to be doing and I'll show you how to choose what to do and what to let go of. Really!

Most lawyers feel they have to fill every waking hour with something, or they’re not being productive.

However, the Friday Focus Club will show you how to carve out hours where you can think strategically, work on the projects that bring you joy, have fun, and just… be.


Uncomfortable truth: you can’t “DIY” your way to your dream firm or life - or a million+ bucks. If it was that easy, everyone would do it. 

It’s the same reason I have mentors of my own: for this level of performance, you need hands-on support to help you constantly upleveling your unique business and game. 

While you’ll receive workbooks, articles, checklists, etc., the real value is in workshopping together, with colleagues on the same path, and getting it done. 

~Accountability is valuable. 

~Camaraderie is valuable.

~Space to get it done is valuable. 

~Expert Guidance is valuable. 

You are valuable!

Yes, you're a good fit so long as you want to build the law firm that gives you the life you love - whatever that means to you. 

This program is designed for attorneys at all levels. The ones who are further along in their journey will likely also invest in VIP Boosts and 1:1 ongoing private consulting. 

You may not be ready to invest up yet, but you are ready for the Friday Focus Club. 

In group settings, those further along in their journey tend to speak up more because they know what to ask. You'll know what to ask soon as well. 

I promise you will get great value and I will meet you where you are. You are welcome here.



Wahoo! Glad you're checking 'er out!

The initial commitment is 6 months and then moves into month-to month. Many programs have 12, 13, and 18 month commitments. This is easier.

Please give notice before your membership renews once we get to the month-to-month so I have time for the backend work. Stripe charges me fees even if I refund membership fees.

Why the initial commitment? Because building a law firm that gives you the life you love doesn't happen with a magic bullet. Dropping in and out isn't going to build a solid, sustainable business.

May I be frank? I don't want you talking dirty on me because you haven't made a commitment to yourself and to me. 

If you're like most law firm owners, you'll see results after your very first session, but implementation, results, feedback, and personal development take time and focus. 

If you're interested in a taste before making the commitment, check out testimonials and/or attend one of our speciality workshops offered at least six times a year. 

Specialty workshops are not the same as our regular working sessions, but you'll get a taste and they are awesome. 


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