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How to Successfully Add Estate Planning to Your Law Firm

~The Mastermind~

Get the insider information, guidance, accountability, and support you need successfully add estate planning to your law firm and move that practice to the $250k level while setting you up to go to 7-figures all without waiting to live the life you love.

Designed to shave at least 3 years off your learning curve and provide a minimum of 10x ROI on your investment in the mastermind in the first year.

(Exclusive support for law firms making $500k+ in revenue)

The Making of a Million-Dollar Attorney™ Private Consulting

Mapping out your strategy to hit the million-dollar (or multi-million dollar) mark, get 15 to 20 hours a week -- and your life -- back, and make huge things happen for your firm.


You should never be just “along for the ride” in your life or law firm.

It’s time to get behind the wheel, hit the gas to hit your goals, and enjoy your best life -- all while putting yourself on the road to that successful launch and that first $250k milestone in estate planning revenues.

This is a collegial, loving, supportive community focused on growth, collaboration, community, kindness, and learning focused on shaving 3 years off of your learning curve and helping you create the law firm that gives you the life you love.

Attorneys: This program is for you if you want to add estate planning to your law firm, are anywhere in the launch process, or have launched but revenues are under $250k. 

Wendy has made a huge impact on my business. In just a little over six months working with her, I have more than doubled my firm's revenue and increased my staff from 1 to 2 associates, plus a paralegal, with a third associate and an administrative assistant on the horizon. In addition to helping me grow revenue, Wendy has helped me to change my mindset about how I spend my time. I am working less and spending more time with my family. I have come to think of Wendy as part of the management team - a trusted advisor and sounding board for any idea or concern, no matter how large or small. She has a strong talent for getting to the heart of the issue, asking probing questions, and offering great insights. If you are looking for someone who can help you take your practice to the next level, don't hesitate to give Wendy a call.

After 15+ years of practicing estate planning law and 10 years guiding over 8,000 attorneys, I know what it’s like to suddenly realize:

  • You’re used to being successful but you may not be this time 
  • You know there's a path to what you want but you're not sure how to stay on that path
  • You’re used to working far too many hours but don't have the cash returns to show for it
  • You’re not delegating and feel as though you can't afford help 
  • You don't know where your next client will come from and you wonder whether you really should launch this firm
  • You're a great lawyer but don't know how to launch a successful firm
  • You’ve hit an earnings panic and need to bring in cash to make ends meet
  • You wonder whether you should work for someone else but are ready to create the life you love and be in control
  • You feel alone and wonder what people will think of you if you ask for help

And most importantly... 

You want a successful, less stressful practice area and you want to hit the $250k estate planning revenue mark faster and smoother than others know is possible

--- That’s exactly how this program is designed ---

There’s just one catch:

We’re going to think bigger than “just” your law firm.

  • We’ll explore the life you want to live, and design business strategies that support it.
  • We’ll transform your mindset so you develop the courage and confidence to take huge leaps.
  • We’ll dive into your values and vision, & the impact you want to make as a leader and authority.
  • We’ll assess your current health and wellness strategies to help you perform at your best.
  • And we’ll put you on a path to next-level success that’s sustainable and expansive.

Let’s begin.

If you want to grow your practice and improve your quality of life at the same time, you should work with Wendy.

How the Law Firm Launch Program Works

This is a 3-month mastermind experience tailored to the guidance, information, and support that has proven successful historically. We'll give you what it takes to get out of the gate successfully and reach that first milestone, $250k in estate planning revenues.

Each group package includes:


MULTIPLE LIVE Instructional Insight Sessions every month

Designed to get you the information and insights you need as you need them. 

Business Strategy

Mindset Development

Success Principles


LIVE Office Hours every month

To get your questions answered; each session we remove roadblocks, analyze metrics and results, and determine your next best steps to move your further fastest.


LIVE Co-Working Sessions every month

So you get the soft accountability, camaraderie, and focus time you need to get 'er done.

No need to go it alone. Join others on the same journey.


LIVE Estate Planning Substantive Law Training and Estate Plan Design

Get the insights on interviewing your client, estate plan design, and the estate planning process so you can get started right away. 

Access discounts at the 2 major estate planning software/education companies in the U.S. 


LIVE Focus on Money Mindset and Emotional Intelligence 

Be inspired, think clearly, see new opportunities, attract more money,  respond to create the outcomes you want.



LIVE Focus on Branding, Legal Marketing (and a Bit of Sales)

Know how to talk so your clients will listen - and hand you a check.  

Love these formulas for creating wildly effective marketing messages.


Private Facebook Group

Get the information you need at the click of a button, chat with others on the same path, know you are not alone.

I'll pop in there too so you'll have all the support you need.


Complimentary access to exclusive discounts, resources, and tools 

Our work together gives you the keys to the Kingdom. Need a checklist, script, fee chart, written process, or referrals to complementary experts? If I have it, it’s yours.


Your investment: 

Willingness to Learn, Some Time on Fridays this Fall, and 1/2 of the Fee Associated with Just 1 Solid Estate Plan 



While your experience is tailored to the group's needs, here’s a sneak peek at 

Adding the Successful Estate Planning Practice Road Map


First, you'll get the proven techniques to:

  • Pay yourself back for your investment in this program 10x
  • Identify multiple streams of income to add to law firm revenue
  • Charge what you're worth and avoid undercutting yourself 
  • Use tiers to let the client select their fee for an easier close
  • Quote fees with confidence with the words you know will appeal to your client

  • Overcome objections to close more clients
  • How to talk so clients will listen and hand you a check
  • Know how to design an estate plan for your next client
  • How to interview your estate planning client
  • Build your firm to $21k+/month here in phase

  • Be set up to take the revenue as high as you want it, including 7 figures

Life & Law Firm Design

You're starting from (near) scratch so we’ll formulate clear, achievable goals for both in and out of the office and show you how to get there. 

This is where you’ll get clear on the future you really want for yourself and your $250k firm (for now)

  • What do you want your life and law firm to stand for?
  • What impact do you want to have?
  • Who do you LOVE working with?
  • How do you want to spend your time?
  • How much money do you need to live the life you want?
  • Do you want to build to a million and take month-long vacations?
  • Do you want to sell your firm someday?
  • Do you want to sleep better at night?
  • Do you want to grow your mindset so you spy opportunities previously unseen?

Business + Marketing Strategy

Once we’re clear on what you want, we’ll set you up with a rock-solid set of strategies to make it happen. 

A few of the things we’ll design together include: 

  • Your business plan
  • Your marketing plan
  • Your sales plan
  • Your KPI/metric tracking
  • Your finances and financial reports
  • Your team, systems, and processes

And more...

Mindset + Success Principles

Radical truth: even with the best strategic set-up in the world, you simply can’t cross the $250k mark with the same attitude and mindset keeping you stuck where you are.

You need to transform not just your strategy, but the very way you think and approach risk. 

That’s why at this stage, we’ll dive deep into: 

  • Living proven success principles
  • Overcoming terror barriers
  • Mastering your fear factor
  • Developing your unique brand of leadership
  • Understanding investments vs. expenses
  • Perspectives shifts so you see opportunities others miss
  • Building Your Money Mindset
  • Feel a constant hum of joy

Tweaking + Refining Strategy

Once your systems and strategies are in place, you'll learn how to assess them closely to make sure they’re bringing you closer to your income and happiness goals.

You'll learn how to track your sales, client metrics, and KPIs; assess how you’re spending your time, and check in on performance.

By breaking your progress towards your goals down into clear numbers, we’ll make sure you get (and stay) on the right path, and re-evaluate and adjust when you’re not.

Then, when you achieve your goals and have momentum behind you?  We’ll map out the next level together. What's your phase 2?

Ready to start your 3-month law firm launch journey? 


If you’re ready for the hands-on strategic guidance and support you need to take your law firm and life to the next level, you’re exactly where you need to be. 

Note the Investment Level: I've got the investment level as loooow as possible. It's equivalent to 1/2 the fee for just 1 estate plan in exchange for 3 months of support. PayPal often offers 6 months same as cash. I encourage you to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and figure out how to make this happen. I will show you how to at least 10x your investment.  

JOIN NOW :) 1 pay x $2500

$1,152,869 is the 2018 final. Thanks for getting us there.

The Estate Planning Mastermind FAQs

This mastermind experience can fit into even the craziest schedule. We meet on Fridays because those are great CEO Focus Days. 

Plus, co-working sessions and open office hours are included. You'll get 'er done on the spot.

A recording will be available if you're going to a wedding or soccer tournament out of town - of the judge just doesn't get you have other things to do on a Friday. :) 

Block off Fridays now; you'll be so glad you did. Some Fridays, we'll meet from 11am ET to 1pm ET and other Fridays, we'll meet from 11am ET to 4:30pm. 

There are two of those Fridays, I really want you to participate in, those are October 8th and November 12th. Consider the other longer day Friday offerings a very valuable bonus. 

Cool! I'm thrilled to be working with you. Welcome!

We'll meet on Fridays starting Friday, October 1st. 

Our sessions will be either from 11am ET to 1pm ET or they'll be from 11am ET to 4:30 ET for special events.

All sessions except for co-working sessions will be recorded so you'll never miss a thing even if you have a long weekend planned. 

I'll release the full schedule in the private FB group.

You betcha! 

Everybody needs a long weekend sometime. 


Substantive law will be woven throughout every mastermind session plus we'll have a full session focused on interviewing the estate planning client and estate plan design. 

You'll see how all the pieces fit together to create a comprehensive estate plan that works. 

Design template included!


Absolutely -- one of the first things I'll do is show you how to create time and space for you to think, and focus on your vision. 

Most lawyers feel they have to fill every waking hour with something, or they’re not being productive. However, our first order of business will be carving out hours where you can think strategically, work on the projects that bring you joy, have fun, and just… be.

Then, I show you shortcuts!

Uncomfortable truth: you can’t “DIY” your way to a successful practice area add. If it was that easy, everyone would do it - well. 

It’s the same reason I have mentors of my own: for this level of performance, you need hands-on support to help you constantly up-leveling your unique business and game. 

While you’ll receive workbooks, articles, checklists, etc., the real value is in the 1-1 strategic and analytical work we do together.

This program will give you the information and resources you need to cut 3 years of fumbling off of your learning curve. 

Hello There! This is Wendy. I'm the right person to lead this group because I've been there done that.

Here are a few fun facts:

1. I practiced estate planning law for 15 years, working on estates of up to $500 million. There were plenty of low cases as well. Loved it!

2. I've owned my own estate planning law firm and worked in estate planning firms both big and small. Failed, learned, succeeded - shared! 

3. I served on the WealthCounsel senior executive team and built their practice development offering and team. 

4. I've been helping attorneys build their law firm for 10 years and serve as a Master Law Firm Business Strategist. I added the "master" when I guided my first firm over the million-dollar mark. 

5. I care about you as a human being more than anything. Who you become while creating a firm that gives you the life you love is what I get excited about. 


This program is for you if you want to add estate planning to your law firm, are anywhere in the launch process, or have launched but revenues are under $250k. 

Heck no! I can't guarantee anything I can't control. I guarantee that I'll provide the guidance, information, and support it takes to get there, but only you can make it happen. 

I don't anticipate this particular program being run again any time soon. This is an incredible opportunity to build that estate planning practice strongly - and as a true business - w/o making incredibly common mistakes. Please do this for yourself. :) 

Oh my! Yes, register now. 

This is a small group mastermind so that everyone gets lots of focus time. Spots may not be available if you wait. Not kidding.

And, there's a bonus if you join now. You'll have access to special workshop sessions held on Fridays, September 10th and September 24th if you join before those dates. Others pay to access those sessions.


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